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Mandatory equipment

  • Minimum 1.5 liter water supply,
  • Food supplies
  • A personal cup 15cl minimum (not counting flasks),
  • Headlight in good condition with replacement batteries,
  • Reflective armband,
  • Survival blanket,
  • Mobile phone (enter the emergency numbers provided by the organizers in your directory, do not hide number and do not depart the race without making sure the phone batteries are fully charged)
  • ID documents.
  • Repair kit with a replacement inner tube

Concerning the runner's bag and materials, it can be carried by a cyclist, as long as the cyclist carriing the bag stay aside the runner and is a member of the team.

The changes "runner-bike" can be done at any moment.

Strongly recommended equipment

  • Cap, bandana or bonnet
  • Warm clothing recommended in case of cold weather forecast
  • 20€ in notes and coins to face any unforeseen event
  • Rainproof jacket in case of wet weather conditions
  • Replacement socks and clothing
  • Adhesive elastic band enabling you to make a bandage or strap (mini 80cm x 3 cm).
  • A helmet (2 schould be enough, as the runner doesn't need one)

Be warned

Any runner not in possession, during a control along the course, of the totality of his/her mandatory material will be immediately disqualified.

Ecotrail water/food stations: do not forget your reusable cup !

As an environmentally friendly event, Ecotrail de Bruxelles wants to limit its waste.

Each participant must carry a personal cup (often placed in the backpack or in a pocket) for refueling. Regardless of the distance, the organization does not provide cup at water/food stations. It will therefore be impossible to be served drinks without your personal cup.

Resolutions that seem minor at the individual level end up having an impact when they add up to each other.

Thank you for your understanding.

NB: for those who are absent-minded or are willing, a reusable "ecotrail" mug will be on sale (€ 5) at the start village.