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Water/Snacks Stations

Four stations offering a vast choice of drinks and snacks are programmed along the route.  
One extra station will be made available in case of extreme heat.

  • km 22 in Anderlecht (Campus Erasme)
  • km 37 in Uccle (Stalle)
  • km 56 in Waterloo (Golf)
  • km 70 in Watermael-Boitsfort (Drève des Bonniers)

As follows, the items on the menu at the food/water stations along the Ecotrail  Brussels:

  • Food: biscuits, chocolate, cheese, peanuts, Tuc, oranges, raisins, Isostar bars
  • Drinks: Water, Isostar, Coca-Cola, Oasis, Gini, warm drinks (soup) from the 40th km onwards


  • Each participant is running in semi autonomy, in other words, he must leave each station with enough water and snacks to sustain his efforts up to the next station.
  • No assistance is authorized during the race.
  • Camelbacks and bottles can be filled with water at each station.