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Revolution for the "run bike bike", the event go down from 80km to 42km in 2018 but there will be two possible formulas and two rankings : a formula with 3 of which 2 mountain bikers and a formula with two for a more classic "run & bike".

This competition is designed for two or threesome teams, allowing each teammate to take turns at resting from running.  Hence, each team is equipped with one or two mountain-bikes. All teammates must stay together at all times. That explains why the runner has to wear an armband that he exchanges for the bike everytime there's a change of role.


  • Distance: 42 km
  • Ascent: 600m D+
  • Departure: hippodrôme de Boitsfort
  • Finish: hippodrôme de Boitsfort (51-53 Chaussée de La Hulpe - en face du numéro 114 - 1180 Brussels)
  • Water/Refreshment stations: every 20k
  • Open buffet free of charge to all participants
  • Showers and cloakroom at finish

A few lessons learned from the three previous editions:

  • Putting the slowest runner on the bike uphill is not a good idea as this would not allow him to recup from his running.
  • It’s difficult to hold the course of a 42km RBB/RB if you switch from running to the bike every 30 to 40 seconds (as is usual on shorter distances)
  • Your stance at the bike or on foot varies in duration depending on a number of factors including individual stamina and your progression in the race. Generally, and certainly at the beginning of the race, 3 to 4 minutes is fairly reasonable before switching.
  • Reminder: unless your team experiences technical problems, all three members must remain together at all times. There can only be one runner at any given time during the race. In other words, upon leaving the bike, the competitor next on line to run cannot resume the race unless he has received the armband from his teammate and must wait to do so that the latter has started biking.